I’m sure that all anglers are very excited to see the lake back down to a normal level!  The mild winter has kept the water temp much warmer for this time of year than in past.  We are already pushing 50 degrees and the water condition looks great!!!  The Crappie that have been coming in are ready to release their eggs!  Now that the lake has stopped dropping a foot per day, the crappie are starting to stage on brush piles in the coves.  Not along the banks yet, but that will change when we get 60 to 65 degree surface temp.  The Bass are getting up toward the banks with the warmer days pushing the surface temp up every week.  Really starting to hit a Wiggle Wart and Spinner bait!  Starting to see large amounts of shad around the dock.  Should be a good time for a Jerk Bait!  No reports on the White Bass or Walleye yet.  (Waiting to here from some of my friends that fish upper Bull around Beaver Creek.  The lake was so high last month, we didn’t get the walleye anglers near K Dock that we usually see in February.  But that is about to change!)  Hope to have more information on that when we re-open this weekend. 

Water Level – 659.00  (Normal Power Pool for March)

Water Temp – 47 to 50 degrees

Water is Stained to Clear