It’s time to call in sick to work this week!!!  All species are hitting great!  (Ok, the white bass are still a little late to the party,) but Crappie, Walleye and Black Bass have the perfect lake conditions to spawn and start feeding!  This past few days, I have heard a roller coaster of fish stories coming into the dock.  Crappie and bass one day, walleye the next!  With the water temp finally rising, the bite is changing fast!  (We’ve had the fish cleaning station used more this week than we did all of last year!)  Blessed to have normal lake conditions and a usable boat launch! 

Water Level – 658.3  (Normal is 659.00)

Water Temp – 63 to 65 degrees

Water is Clear to Stained

Black Bass – Good on Shakey Head plastics, Spinner Baits, Light Jigs and Baby Brush Hogs.  Buck Brush, points and coves with small gravel sides.  Throw right onto the bank.  The big females will be on the beds later this week.

Crappie – Good to Great on live minnows on structure in coves!  Not big numbers, but huge size to the crappie!  Averaging 13 to 15 inches!  You find the right tree, you can load up on a bunch fast!  Late afternoon has been the best the past few days.

Walleye – Good trolling on small crank baits such as Flicker Shad 6 & 7 sizes.  Also good on Hot n Tots and Rapala Count Down baits.  (Chrome and Blue is always a great color on this lake.)  Troll shallow in 10 to 15 feet near the points and rock bluffs.