Ughhh.  Not a great report this week.  Very warm water temp has not helped the bite.  About the same report as the last one I posted.  Had 71 surface temp this afternoon at the dock.  All species are slow.  Great weekend temps for fishermen though!!!  Still in shorts and a T-Shirt for Halloween weekend!  Showing 83 to 85 degrees this weekend!  Hit the lake early before the sun bakes the surface of the water.  Fish slow and off the banks this weekend.  Crappie and Walleye should start hitting soon when we get a cold snap.  Live minnows on Crappie, Spoons on Walleye and small plastics on Bass.  Good luck!  Been getting some good reports on Catfish!  They are feeding on live Bluegills, Night Crawlers and Crawdads. 

Lake Level – 654.5  (Almost back to our old power pool of 654.00)

Water Temp – 68 to 71 degrees

Water is Clear to Stained