Finally getting the surface temp to come up above 48 degrees!  Reading 56 degrees today at the marina.  Warmer down the lake and in the coves.  Should be Great fishing this weekend!  All species starting to turn on.  If we can hit 60 degrees or higher, the Crappie and Bass should be up to the banks!  Still dealing with lots of cold rain today, but should be ok with the forecast of nothing but sun for the next 5 days!  More and more crappie have been coming in off of brush piles in the coves from Beaver Creek to Bear Creak on the Arkansas line!  Walleye will be moving up out of the deep water by this weekend.  Hope to get to post some good reports by Friday!  Let’s just hope that the Corps starts letting some water out this spring so we can use the boat launch again!  Ugh.

Water Level – 665.6 and rising  (Normal is 659.00)

Water Temp – 56 to 58 degrees

Water is Clear to Stained, with little to no debris.