Fishing Report Dec 20, 2014

Written by Scott on December 20th, 2014

Water Level – 653.7  (5.3 ft below Dec power pool)

Water Temp – 48 degrees

Water is Stained

Black Bass – Good on Jerk baits, Swim Baits and A-Rigs with paddle tail swim baits.

Crappie – Good on live minnows around brush piles.  Also good on 2″ swimming minnows on 1/16th oz heads.  Also small tube baits in black and pearl.

Walleye – Fair on Jerk Baits, 1/2 oz Marabou Jigs and Spoons.  Work the sand flats and soft bottom drops.  Also fair on bottom bouncing night crawlers and pearl crank baits.

Fishing Report Nov 19th, 2014

Written by Scott on November 20th, 2014

Crappie have been very good!  Live minnows have been the key in 8 to 15 ft.  Work brush piles and trees along banks and coves.

I’ll give a more detailed report on Bass and Walleye this Friday.  Finally seeing huge schools of shad outside of the dock!  I will try to pry some fishing reports out of my regular fishermen and women this weekend!

K Dock has a huge stock of live minnows on hand!  See you this weekend!  We will be open Fri, Sat and Sun!


Fishing Report Sept 25th, 2014

Written by Scott on September 25th, 2014

Well its been almost the same conditions for the past couple of months.  Not much new to report I’m sorry to say.  Still very clear conditions and warm water.  Fishing on this end of the lake is always better when Table Rock Lake is generating water.  Unfortunately, that has not been the case for several months now.  With that being said, we are still seeing some great bass and crappie coming in every week! 

Water Level – 655.5  (Down 6.5 feet below power pool)

Water Temp – 78 degrees

Water is Clear

Black Bass – Good on Football Jigs, brown or peanut butter & jelly colors off the steep bluffs.  Also good on a variety of Texas rigged worms as well as shaky head rigs.  Also Top water baits in the early mornings and evenings.

Crappie – Good on live minnow under and around dense cover.  Find the shade and you will find the crappie.  Stay out of the clear, sun lit water.  Also good on “clear & glitter” swimming minnows.

Walleye – Fair to Slow on night crawlers and 1/2 oz spoons.  Also fair on large crank baits off the channel drops.

Fishing Report Aug 15th, 2014

Written by Scott on August 15th, 2014

Lake conditions have remained unchanged for most of the summer.  Still very clear and mild with water temps only in low to mid 80′s.  Fishing has been much slower than previous years in July and Aug mainly due to the abundance of shad, minnows and crystal clear water.  We are however seeing the resourceful and determined fishermen still finding some good numbers of fish. 

Water Level – 658.50  (Normal is 661.00)

Water Temp – 83 – 85 degrees

Water is Clear

Black Bass – Fair to Good on Jigs, top water lures and 10″ plastic worms.  Also using shaky head rigs and small crank baits off the points and shallow structure.  We have seen several 5 to 6 lb bass come in this year.  Also, key in on the Bluegill.  The monster bass and walleye are feeding on the huge number of bluegill that now populate the lake.  (Some people also refer to these fish as Perch or Brim).

Walleye – Fair on bottom bouncing night crawlers.  Also fair when using large crank baits off the sand drops.  Colors to try are firetiger and chrome & purple.  Best numbers are still coming in from the Arkansas line up to Mincey creek.

Crappie – Fair to Good on live minnows around heavy structure and private docks.  These fish are going to find the shade with the sunny days and ultra clear water.  Don’t expect them to be on the banks of coves right now.  Decent numbers also being caught on “smoke & glitter” swimming minnows.  Also, try an 1/8th oz spoon when you find suspended fish.

Fishing Report July 3rd, 2014

Written by Scott on July 3rd, 2014

The catch has been a little bit slower this past week.  The lake is still very clear and debris free.  The water temp has went up some and the lake level has dropped to near normal power pool.  All species are feeding on massive schools of shad all over the lake.  Keep a top water plug tied on for some real fun! 

Water Level – 661.2

Water Temp – 83 degrees

Water – Clear

Black Bass – Good on top water plugs early morning and early evening.  Also try a heavy jig off the steep rock bluffs as well as a 10″ plastic worm around submerged brush piles.

Crappie – Good on live minnows in 10 to 15 ft under trees, logs and around brush piles.  Also being caught while trolling in 20 ft of water on a variety of small to medium crank baits.  Crappie are scattered throughout the lake and are hanging deep in this clear water.

Walleye – Fair on bottom bouncing night crawlers down the lake from K Dock.  Best reports of keepers have been around the Bee Creek Island area.  Also Fair on trolling large, bright crank baits in 20 to 25 ft of water near the channel drops.


Fishing Report 6/18/14

Written by Scott on June 19th, 2014

Just a quick update.  The water temp has finally hit 80 degrees.  I’ll be giving a detailed report on Friday.

Fishing Report June 10th, 2014

Written by Scott on June 10th, 2014

Looks like the Monsoon season is upon us!  Wet conditions, but great for the fish!  Concentrate on the backs of the creeks where the fresh water run-off is coming into the lake.  All species of fish are chasing the shad into the backs of the coves.  The lake is on a steady rise of about 1 – 2 inches per day.  However, with all the rain, the lake is still free of major debris.  The water is slightly stained, which make is great for fishing! 

Water Level – 661.7 and rising

Water Temp – 75 to 78

Water is stained

Black Bass – Good on Jigs, Shaky Head plastics and Spinner Baits.  Also starting to catch some big ones on a 10″ plastic worm Texas Rig.  Keep a top water plug handy as well as a chrome lipless crank bait.  Fish the steep rock bluffs and points.  Many of the bites are occurring around 20 to 25 ft.

Crappie – Fair on live minnows and swimming minnows.  The crappie are scattered all over the lake.  Many are being caught in 20 ft of water.  Work the deep brush and old tree banks.

Walleye – Good on about everything!  Huge numbers still coming in.  Had some reports of 20+ per day, but only a small amount of keepers.  Medium to large crank baits, bright colors on the points and sand flats.  Also good on night crawlers.


Fishing Report May 22, 2014

Written by Scott on May 22nd, 2014

Spring lake conditions are the best I have seen them in many years!  Clear water with no major debris to deal with.  This is the perfect time to catch a wide variety of fish on upper Bull Shoals!  The big question we are being asked right now is about the lake level and the “new normal” pool.  That is now a very hard question to answer since the Corps has now changed to a “Seasonal” power pool for Bull Shoals.

Top Power Pool:
Jan 01 to Apr 30   659
Apr 30 to May 01   659 to 660
May 01 to May 15   660 to 662
May 15 to Jun 15   662
Jun 15 to Jul 15   662 to 661
Jul 15 to Sep 30   661
Sep 30 to Oct 01   661 to 659
Oct 01 to Dec 31   659

So, as you can see, the lake is actually one foot below “normal” right now.  That puts us 8 ft above the old power pool which now eliminates our boat launch access road around the bluff.  The upper road is still accessable.

Hope to see you at K Dock this Memorial Day Weekend!  Don’t forget to honor our Veterans and current service men and women this weekend!

Water Level 661.1

Water Temp 68 to 72 degrees

Water is Clear to Stained

Crappie – Good on Live minnows around timber and brush piles.  Also good casting and retrieving swimming minnows along the banks and points of coves.  Good numbers of crappie are being caught trolling small crank baits near the high bluffs.

Black Bass – Very Good on a variety of baits!  Throw a top water “Spook” in the early mornings.  Pitch a small plastic into heavy brush in the backs of coves or tree lines.  Also good on spinner baits when windy.  Big bass may still be on the banks this weekend.  A Finesse Worm has also been working good.

Walleye – Good on small to medium crank baits in about 20 ft of water on the channel drops.  Large numbers of Walleye are being caught right now, but not a big number of keepers over 18″.  This is getting better as the water temp warms up.  Try “bright” colors right now.  “Firetiger”, Blue and Chrome or flashes of Purple and Orange in your baits.  Stick with #5 or #7 sizes.  Hot n’ Tots are great right now!

Fishing Report April 16th, 2014

Written by Scott on April 16th, 2014

Water Level – 659.9  (about 1 ft. above normal)

Water Temp – 52 to 56

Water is Clear to Stained

Crappie – Excellent right now!  The females have started moving to the banks of the coves to spawn.  Should be able to pick up some nice ones throwing a grub or swimming minnow.  Very good on live minnows as well.

Black Bass – Good on Spinner Baits, small Jigs and A Rigs.  Females should start nesting soon.  Try pitching a Baby Brush Hog or 6″ Lizard down the rock banks soon.  Keep a Wiggle Wart handy as well.

White Bass – Excellent!  Best numbers have still been up the lake toward the Beaver Creek area.  Starting to hit some large females around the K Dock area.  This will only improve with warmer temps!

Walleye – Good to Fair.  Still a little slow on the big walleye while trolling.  Had one 6 lb come in last weekend off the flats just down from the dock.  A #7 Flicker Shad has been working good.

Fishing Report March 28th, 2014

Written by Scott on March 28th, 2014

Water Level 658.9

Water Temp 48 to 52 degrees

Water is Clear to Stained

Crappie – Good to Fair on live minnows around brush piles and stumps.  Still fairly deep around 10 to 15 ft.  Some being caught in 5 to 10 range when water temp is warmer.  Also good on “smoke and glitter” swimming minnows and white sliders.

Black Bass – Good on craw colored crank baits, spinner baits and A Rigs.  Work rock points with a wiggle wart or red craw Bomber.

White Bass – Very Good up lake from K Dock around Beaver Creek.  Whites should be moving onto the flats around us very soon.  Throw a lipless crank bait, white Rooster Tail or a 3 wire A Rig with swimming minnows.

Walleye – Fair on Jerk baits, green jigs and silver spoons on the sand/gravel drops.  Need the water to warm up some more for better results for those who want to troll.