Fishing Report Oct 14, 2015

Written by Scott on October 14th, 2015

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Fishing Report Oct 1st, 2015

Written by Scott on October 1st, 2015

The lake is dropping at almost 1/2 a foot per day!  That is making for a very slow bite for most species of fish.  However, the water temp is cooling off which should trigger the fish to start feeding in their fall pattern.  Been seeing some big bass come in off of deep diving crank baits as well as buzz baits!  Walleye and crappie are getting better every week as the lake gets back down to around normal power pool. 

Water Level – 672.7  (Normal pool is 659.00)

Water Temp 75 degrees

Water – Clear
Black Bass – Fair on Spinner Baits, Buzz Baits and Crank Baits.  Also Fair on Square Billed Crank Baits and Jigs.
Walleye – Fair on bottom bouncing Night Crawlers.  Also Fair on Shiners and Spoons near Power Site Dam area.  Also being caught on Brown Craw colored crank baits off of steep rock bluffs.
Crappie – Fair on live minnows around trees and brush piles.

Fishing Report Sept 18th, 2015

Written by Scott on September 18th, 2015

The lake is starting to drop at a pace of around 4 inches per day.  This will increase even more when work begins to repair Power Site Dam in early Oct.  Surface temps have climbed back up this week to near 80 degrees.  The water is clear and still very high for this time of year.  We are set to drop another 19 feet by Nov 12th.  Fishing has been getting better and should prove to be a great fall season for almost all species of fish!

Water Level – 678.8  (High)

Water Temp 75 to 80 degrees

Water – Clear

Black Bass – Good on spinner baits, crank baits and football jigs off the steep points.  Also good on buzz baits and spooks early morning and evenings.  Bass have been busting massive schools shad!  Keep a rod ready for when they surface!

Walleye – Fair to Good on bottom bouncing night crawlers.  Also trolling large crank baits near the river channel.  Blue and chrome has been working well this week.

Crappie – Fair to Slow due to high water.  Scattered and deep on live minnows.

Fishing Report Sept 4th, 2015

Written by Scott on September 4th, 2015

The lake remains very high with a small amount of water being released through the generators only out of Bull Shoals Dam.  We are still about 25 feet above normal, making it difficult to fish our normal patterns for Walleye and Crappie.  The bass have been hot and cold the past few weeks, but are starting to feed on shad and crawdads.  The lake may be high, but I have never seen it this nice and clear in September!  Should be back to normal mid Nov.  Fall fishing should be great!

Water Level – 684.00  (Very High)

Water Temp – 85 degrees

Water – Clear

Black Bass (Large Mouth, Small Mouth & Spotted Bass) – Good on Top water early mornings.  Also good on Jigs, Green Pumpkin Plastics and Crank Baits off the points.

Walleye – Fair on Large Crank Baits and Shiners.  Bottom Bouncing is very difficult at this time due to the high water.  Spoons working good on suspended walleye off the sand flats.

Crappie – Fair to Slow due to high water.  Live minnows around trees and brush piles may work when the water temp drops below 80 degrees.

Bluegill – Good on crickets and pieces of night crawlers.  Bobber fish the rock bluffs and deep coves.

Fishing Report July 30th, 2015

Written by Scott on July 30th, 2015

The water is finally starting to drop!  Of course, we are still 32 feet above normal for this time of the year.  Recent heat waves have pushed the surface temp over the 90 degree mark.  Look for fish much deeper due to the hot water temps and the very clear water.  Right now is a great time to get the family out for some good old bobber fishing for huge bluegill and sun fish!  They are really feeding on the water bugs skimming the surface of every cove.  K Dock and upstream still has debris both mornings and evenings, but all clear down stream towards AR. 

Water Level – 691.5

Water Temp 88 – 92 degrees

Water is Clear

Bluegill/Sunfish – Very Good on small pieces of worms or crickets in the coves.

Black Bass – Good on top water early.  Also good on jigs, Carolina rigs and weedless plastics on road beads and parking lots.

Walleye – Fair on night crawlers.  Should be able to troll with deep diving crank baits down stream from K Dock.

Crappie – Slow and scattered.

Fishing Report July 7th, 2015

Written by Scott on July 7th, 2015

The lake is almost 30 feet above normal as of this morning.  Heavy rains expected with flooding for the entire White River Basin.  The determined fishermen that have been able to get out lately have been bringing in some good bass and walleye.  Some of the best fish have been on night crawlers on flooded road ways and parking areas.  The boat launch is now 27 feet under water. 

Black Bass – Good on night crawlers, medium to large plastic worms and top water early.  Work flooded brush early morning and early evenings with small, weedless plastics and top water lures.

Walleye – Good to Fair on night crawlers on parking areas and flats that are now under water.  Trolling has been difficult due to small debris in the lake.  Early morning has been the best!

Crappie – Fair to Slow on live minnows.

Fishing Report May 30, 2015

Written by Scott on May 30th, 2015

Bull Shoals is on a steady rise once again.  Water release from Beaver and Table Rock lakes should keep the lake high for many weeks to come.  Starting to see more debris floating, but overall, the lake is relatively clear today.  The elevation of the lake has made for some very good bass and walleye fishing!  Work the flooded brush with a spinner bait or top water.  The boat launch is now 13 ft under water.  Lets all pray for the rain to stop for a while. 

Water Level – 673 and rising

Water Temp – 70 degrees

Water is Clear

Black Bass – Good on top water plugs and buzz baits.  Also good on small to medium plastics and spinner baits.  Work the flooded brush sides of the lake around K Dock.

Walleye – Good on trolling medium crank baits.  Big numbers are coming in every day!  Also catching walleye on white spinner baits along the bluffs and flooded brush.  Also good on bottom bouncing night crawlers.

Crappie – Fair on live minnows and swimming minnows.  More crappie being caught while trolling the main lake with small to medium crank baits.

Fishing Report May 14th, 2015

Written by Scott on May 14th, 2015

The lake level is on a steady rise of about 1/2 a ft per day.  Conditions are still good for fishing with the water almost 70 degrees.  We also have good color and minimal debris as of today.  Projected crest has now been set at 669 ft. on May 28th.  That is based on no future rain fall which I’m sure will change with the weather forecasted for this weekend.  Fish will have a lot more cover to hide in with the lake pushing into the shore line brush.  Great for spinner bait fishing! 

Water Level – 666.4  and Rising Fast

Water Temp – 67 to 70 degrees

Water Color – Stained to Clear

Black Bass – Good on weightless plastics and 1/2 oz jigs.  Also good on spinner baits when wind is present.  Try down the edge of the flooded brush lines.  Bass are starting to stage off points and rock bluffs as well.

Walleye – Good on night crawlers off of the sand bars in shallow water.  Also good on medium crank baits such as a Flicker Shad #7 in depths no more that 20 ft.  Walleye are shallow right now.  Also Good on a Rapala Shad Rap #7.  Dark colors have been working better.  (On Monday May 11th, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources released 229,000 Walleye, around 6″ in length, at the K Dock bend of the lake!  Takes about 3 to 4 years to reach the legal length of 18″.)

Crappie – Fair on live minnows.  Wish I could give a better report, but I think with the lake staying cool and the level dropping and rising so extreme, they have been forced to stay deeper.  Should be catching them along the banks of the coves on swimming minnows right now.


Fishing Report April 30th, 2015

Written by Scott on April 30th, 2015

Water Level – 667.6 and Dropping

Water Temp – 58 to 60 degrees

Water – Very Clear

Even with the drop in surface temp, the fishing has really improved since last weekend!  Walleye are really starting to feed as well as the crappie.  The bass are very shallow with the males working the nest sites.  Haven’t seen any big females come off the beds yet, but this sun is helping warm the surface for them to spawn.  Should be a great weekend for all species of fish!

Black Bass – Good to Fair on small plastics very close to the banks and in flooded brush.  Also good on a spinner bait during windy conditions.

Walleye – Good on small to medium crank baits such as Hot n’ Tots or #7 Flicker Shads.  Also Good on bottom bouncing night crawlers.  Walleye are fairly shallow.

Crappie – Good to Fair on live minnows.  Should start to hit them in shallow water in the coves on swimming minnows as the surface temp warms up this week.

Fishing Report April 18th, 2015

Written by Scott on April 18th, 2015

Water Level 667.8 and rising

Water Temp 60 to 63 degrees

Water is Clear

The lake is slowly starting to warm now that Table Rock has reduced the amount of generation into Bull Shoals.  Fishing has started to improve, by may take some much needed sunshine to really get these fish up on the banks. 

Black Bass – Fair on small plastics and shaky head rigs in the coves.  Surface debris making it hard to throw a crank bait or spinner bait around the K Dock area.  Better bass reports have been south of the marina around the Bee Creek area.  Had reports of some really good Small Mouth bass hitting on the points.

Crappie – Fair to Good on live minnows as well as swimming minnows.  Really need some warmer water for the crappie to start spawning on the banks in the coves.  For now, focus on trees and brush piles in the coves.

Walleye – Fair on medium crank baits and shiners.  Better results from the Arkansas line back to Mincy Creek cove.  Also fair on spoons, jigs and jerk baits.

White Bass – Good in the Beaver Creek arm.  Small spinner baits, white rooster tails and 3″ swimming minnows.


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