We will be starting the Tuesday Night Bass Tournaments on Tues May 8th, 2018.  There will be a new weigh-in time this year at 10:30 pm.  Most want a 10 pm weigh-in in the spring, while others want 11 pm weigh-in.  So, we’ll split the difference!  Another contributing factor to this weigh-in time if the fact that there are no usable boat launches near K Dock.  Majority of our fishermen have to be to work early the next morning.  With the high water again this year, we will be sticking to 10:30 for now.

Same rules as always:  $30 per two person boat, Take off at 6 pm, fishing inside buoys of the marina off limits, 5 black bass limit and no live bait allowed.  Take off and weigh-in will be from K Dock Marina.  $5 from each boat entry will be taken out for big bass payout.  Remember, we are doing this to have fun, not to make our truck payment for the year!  Hope to see you on the 8th!  Questions – 417-334-2880