Just wanted to let everyone know that the Marina is doing just fine after the massive rain that hit the White River Basin.  Thanks for all the calls of concern and friends that stopped in to help out with anchors. 

The lake has went up about 3 ft in the last 24 hrs.  Conditions are still stable with very little debris so far.  Water color is very stained to chocolate brown.  Should clear up soon with no significant input from Table Rock Lake at this time.  Water temp has dropped dramatically, about 15 degrees in the past two days!  This should also rebound quickly with the forecasted temps.  At this hour, Bull Shoals is now .6 ft above normal power pool of 659.00 ft (above sea level).  We will continue to see a rise for many days to come.  The boat launch is still accessible at this level.  Fishing for Bass and White Bass should be great in the backs of the coves right now!  Crappie and Walleye fishing might be slow for awhile.  But, if we clear up soon, with no current, the crappie could be right back to hitting in the coves like they were in the past two weeks! 

We had 3.8″ in the rain gauge this evening.  That is a reading from Friday noon until this report at 8:45 Sat night.  (However, we had 2″ fall early last week.)  Too much water for these Ozark Rocks to soak up!  Don’t be afraid to put your boat in the lake tomorrow!  We have all seen a lot worse here!  Hope to see you soon at K Dock! 

Water Level – 659.6 and rising

Water Temp – 56 to 60  (Water Temp was 71 on Thursday!)

Water is Stained to Chocolate Milk!