Boat Launch is Open! 3/11/24

The boat launch is accessible for the start of Spring! We are very blessed to have the lake level down almost 3 ft below normal heading toward the middle of March! This is a Free Launch that is located about 1/2 mile east of the marina. Follow the sign at the end of K Hwy.

Lake Level is 656.20. Normal Power Pool for spring is 659.00

Boat Launch Under Water 4/1/23

Unfortunately the boat launch near K Dock is now under water. The lake is currently 15.5 ft above normal. We are still going up about 1/2 a foot per day. The lake is mostly clear with minimal debris. Water temp is a cold 49 degrees.

Boat Launch Now Open!

The boat launch is now usable. Minimal water still over the bluff road.

Boat Launch Update May 2022

The boat launch is now under water. Limited access off of K Hwy at this time. The lake is currently 11 ft above normal and rising. Access still available off of M Hwy and Mission Lane from East Hwy 76.

Boat Launch

The boat launch is now open for public use! The parking lot and side road leading to the launch from K Hwy is completely out of the water. The lake is 1.5 ft below normal power pool of 659.00. Water temp is 76 degrees and stained.

Yearly Slips NOT Available (Jan 2021)

We currently have NO SLIPS Available for yearly rental. We are not expecting to have any open as the demand has been overwhelming in the past few years. To our knowledge, we are not expecting any renters to be leaving this winter.

Current Conditions Aug 27th, 2020

The main walkway to the marina is finally out of the water and usable!  However, Bull Shoals is still 19.5 ft above normal.  Dropping about 4 inches per day.  Boat Launch might be available late October.  The end of K Hwy will be the only launch for quite some time.

Current Conditions Aug 6th, 2020

Bull Shoals is still 26.5 ft above normal power pool of 659.00.  However, the lake is beautiful with a surface temp of about 82 degrees!  Little to no debris on the main lake.  Probably won’t see a functional boat launch until late October, but launching off of the end of K Hwy is a good option this week!  K Dock Marina still has a temp walkway until the lake reaches 679.00 ft.  Fishing is good, not great, but lots of walleye coming in trolling with medium to deep crank baits near the flooded brush and the high bluff points.  Purple, Blue &  jointed Flicker Shads have been really producing!  Deep Diving Bandits as well.  Running into some Huge crappie suspended too!  Crappie are scattered, but will get better when we drop 20 ft or more.  Bass are eating up a Peanut Butter & Jelly Jig on the points and any flooded road beds!  10″ Plum Worm still a great choice right now!  Also have seen some really big Flat Head Cats caught on small blue gill and perch!  Pray for no big rains.  Fishing is really going to be good later this year!

Lake Update – Flooding Conditions May 2020

Unfortunately we are looking at a very high water situation again this year.  The Army Corps has now raised Bull Shoals to 685.00 ft above sea level, setting us at 26 ft above normal.  There are NO signs that this will end soon.  With the growing season beginning in Arkansas, doubtful we will see much water being released into the White River.  Keep in mind as you travel to Bull Shoals that there are very few boat launches that can be accessed.  K Hwy is decent option to launch off of the road, but offers limited parking.  The marina has a Temporary Walkway in place for slip renters and guests.  Please use Extreme Caution when walking.  (K Dock Marina is not responsible for accidents or injuries is you choose to navigate the temporary walkway.)


Bull Shoals Lake is now on the rise after major rainfall fell in the area.  The boat launch is now under water.  The lake is expected to rise for another week, or longer, depending on further rainfall.  We will continue to update as conditions change.